14 Ways to Secure Long-Term Care Coverage

14 Ways to Secure Long-Term Care Coverage

Today, there are many ways to secure long-term care coverage. This recently published report reveals 14 different ways to secure long-term care coverage, along with advantages, disadvantages, and things to consider for each.

Topics discussed:

  1. Veterans Administration – limited assets & have served one day in combat
  2. Federal Long-Term Care Program – federal retiree option
  3. Self-Insure – for those that will pay 100% of their LTC expenses
  4. Medicare – pays a portion, up to 100 days
  5. Medicaid – for those with limited assets and resources
  6. Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance – oldest type but least bought today
  7. Short-Term Care Insurance – LTC coverage in a smaller package
  8. Asset-Based LTC policy – solves consumers two biggest concerns
  9. LTC Rider – can be added to a life insurance policy
  10. Chronic Illness Rider– can be added to a life insurance policy
  11. Annuity w/LTC Rider – an option when health issues are present
  12. Annuity w/LTC ‘doubler’ – doubles income for LTC purposes
  13. Reverse Mortgage – access to home equity for LTC purposes
  14. Life Settlement – turn un-needed life insurance into LTC funds

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