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The average cost of LTC services will vary depending on the region of the country where you live or decide to retire. Since Jim lives and works in the Denver, Colorado area, below are the typical average monthly costs associated with the different types of LTC services provided in his area. To view the costs of long-term care services in your specific region, click on Genworth’s Cost of Care link below and search your region.

The 2018 average monthly LTC costs for the Denver, Colorado area are:

LTC Services ProvidedMonthly Cost1
Adult Day Care$1,625
Assisted Living Facility$4,700
Homemaker Services $4,767
Home Health Aide$5,243
Nursing Home (semi-private)$8,365
Nursing Home (private)$9,520

The LTC costs above are for year 2018. However, you don’t need care today. To get an accurate figure of what LTC costs will be when you might need care, take the above numbers and inflate them by 5% annually for 20, 25, or 30 years. That is the amount of monthly benefits you’ll want to solve for.


1 The Genworth Cost of Care Survey for 2017

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